A Couple of DIPs and a WIP

     Here's a quick update on the Morning Glory. I've stitched a bit of the background and am liking it much better this time around.
     I decided I should post what are slightly better images of the Gingko, It Is What It Is. I think these show the different blackwork leaves better.
     When I learned of Jean Hilton's death, I was shocked and saddened. Such a loss. I've been very slowly working on Turnberry Ridge, trying to learn on my own some of her wonderful stitches. This is a wonderful pattern to learn while doing, as she intended. The instructions are great, and she gives a lot of additional stitches that aren't used in the piece itself. Here is my beginning, and please keep in mind that although it's not the first piece of canvaswork I've done, I'm still are rank amateur.


  1. Not to worry. It looks better than my counted thread work on needlepoint canvas and I'm pretty advanced with painted canvases! Everybody is good at some times and not so good with others and we all had to learn sometime. Just have fun with it, ok? Jean would want that most of all.

  2. I really can't wait to get back to it. I've got to finish Morning Glory and the gingko before I'll let myself do anything else though. I think after a year, it's time to wrap them up, don't you?