Progress and delay

I've made a good start on one of my mad-dash-for-Christmas projects, better than a third of the way stitched. The Sudberry box it will adorn has been purchased, and I think I can do the finishing on this myself. Yay! I may just be able to get this done.
The other project will be put on hold for later. How hard can it be? I'll tell you how hard. Try at least 7 or 8 false starts, with the 9th apparently a success. But there's no way it'll be done in the next month or even two months. I think this will become something for me. I may, in fact, go in a totally different direction now, which means the 9th start, though successful, will now be discarded. Gah!
The group project, "Stars for a New Millenium," is getting closer to an official start. I finally have all of the books for everyone who's going to be a part of the stitch-along and most of the suggested variegated threads so people can create their colorways. About half of the canvas is in and Evertites are on the way. Woo-hoo! I can hardly wait. Maybe by January we'll be ready to have our first meeting, which I envision as the color selection and planning stage.
I'm even getting closer to launching the new Scarlet Thread Web store. I see a lot of photography in the near future. Having dragged my feet on this so long, I'm finally anxious to get it done. How hard can it be?


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely Stars for a New Millennium variations - yours, and, hopefully, everyone else's on their blogs! You'll note, despite whimpering (trust me, there was some whimpering here) I did *not* sign up for it, since it may actually be possible for me to get UNDER 50 UFOs before Dec. 31! (And I'd start early. You know I would. The second the book was in my hand!)

  2. You know, you can always join us later.

  3. Aaaaaaigh! [Hands over ears} *La la la la la can't hear you la la la*