Where does the time go?

Do you ever feel like you've been running around like crazy multi-tasking your butt off, stop to check your progress, discover that your efforts have produced minimal concrete results, and realize that the hourglass is almost empty?
Since last I posted, this is my progress on Stars.
I'm finally ready to move on to Clark Gable, now that Marilyn's finished. What a struggle! It was well worth it, though, because I think she's lovely and I like the way the colors work in this block. The external border, however, is another story. I'm going to rip out the middle and outer borders because there's something not right with that thin one stitched with the variegated thread. I think it happened when I had to rethread. It's right where the color changes from the turquoise to the rust. Gah! But that can wait for later, maybe after everything else is stitched or whenever I get particularly frustrated with something else.
The other, actually more important thing I've been working on is the Scarlet Thread Web store. My partner and I are working furiously to get it done in time for the official launch date of May 1. Yes, you read that right, Saturday. OMG! It seems like we've struggled every step of the way, trying to get things right and not wanting to settle for good enough for now, just get the thing finished and launched. Things are falling into place, though, and I do feel confident that everything we want done for Day 1 will be done. Then again, I do have that idiotic, ever-the-optimist bent. Once again, I'm finding out just how hard it can be to achieve my goals.


  1. I love your color scheme the most of all. It is interesting to see how so many are handling the Stars. They are all outstanding, but yours is gorgeous.

  2. Thank you! I can't claim credit for coming up with this. It's the Peacock colorway provided in the pattern book.

  3. This is gorgeous. I want to be able to stitch this!

  4. Okay, but you'll have to start with something smaller. Hahahaha.