Prelude to Peace

     My friend and business partner, Dawn, and I decided we needed another BAP, so we signed up for Jim Wurth's Prelude to Peace cyberclass through Shining Needle Society. The class officially started about three or four weeks ago, and true to form, I'm behind already. So what, you may ask, have I gotten accomplished so far? I'm so glad you asked.

     This is the design in its original colors of blues, browns, and neutrals. As is my wont, I felt the need to change the colors to something that would better suit my personal color palette. Jim's colors are lovely, just not to my taste. Dawn concurred, so we went on a quest to an LNS to pull his threads then find our own versions. (Yes, I know, we have our own personal warehouse in my basement where we keep the merchandise we sell on scarletthread.com, but we don't have every thread known to mankind as yet. Keep stopping by; someday we hope to.)

     After about two hours, we had most of our threads selected, with just a few we hadn't settled on. So we decided to wait till our patterns arrived to see where and how the missing threads would be used. And waited. Other participants in the class were chiming in on the group site as they received their packages in the mail. Dawn and I both spent our days watching for the mail. And watching. And waiting. (This is a recurring theme for us. We never seem to receive mutually awaited items at the same time.) Once our charts arrived in our mailboxes, it was a simple matter to select those last threads, the neutrals for the center section.

     Here's what we each came up with:

     I chose reds and grays, the actual red hue more a result of its being the only one for which I could get the requisite number of shades. I would have preferred a little less pink, but I do like this. What you don't see in this picture is the floche, which we had a little trouble finding at first but finally discovered online and then at another LNS. We opted for additional grays for the neutral colors. The thread types give the grays more variation due to texture, so I think it will work up nicely and retain the integrity of Jim's colorway. My canvas is Pewter.

     Dawn chose a brighter series of blues and went with mostly the same grays (which we decided on mutually). Her canvas is Opalescent White.

     My question for Jim will be, Peace or Pandemonium?

     I know you're wondering, just what have I done besides pick out the colors after all these weeks? I have actually put in some stitches and hope to add more today, as I suffer with an annoying cold (and oh, how I suffer! hahahahahaha). So far, I've accomplished most of the borders for the left and right center diamonds, the areas covered in our first lesson. The second lesson was posted last weekend, covering the top and bottom diamonds. With a little dedication, perhaps I can at least be farther into those two diamonds before the third lesson arrives.


     Stay tuned. If I make some progress in the next day or so, I'll be right back with proof. Btw, Dawn has made much more progress than I have but fears she may need more of the Flair before she's done.



  1. OMG, Sara! Is this pattern ever going to be available to the public?? It's just stunning! Your work is so gorgeous!

  2. I doubt that it will be available anytime soon, if ever. Jim doesn't usually sell his patterns outright, but he does these cyberclasses. I think more than 200 people signed up for this particular one. Btw, the picture here is his model, not my work. I've done very little so far, thus no picture yet.

  3. I'm doing this too. If you take Dawn's blue pearl cotton and other threads, and your reds, you would have my colors. And
    I wanted my reds to be a little less pink, too!

  4. I'm taking Jim's on line classes too - your colors choice, reds and grays is wonderful - is this possible that you put your color list in groups files?

  5. Thank you! I'm posting my color list here later today and will put a link in the group discussion list.