Do I need another project?

     Oh, never mind. That's really a rhetorical question. Of course I don't need another project. Need has never had anything to do with it, according to conventional needleworker's wisdom. So to celebrate that, I'm getting ready to embark on not one but two new projects. But before I go into that, let me show you my progress on a workshop piece that's, oh, more than a year old.

     Isn't she pretty? That would be Flyways, by Michael Boren. I really don't remember when I started this through the Shenandoah Valley Chapter of ANG, maybe sometime in April or May of last year. I'm on the last part, the border. Once I finish the double-fan stitch all the way around, there's another stitch that gets put in each of the diamond shapes thus created. Then it's finished! I'm determined to get this done within the next couple of weeks. It's what I'm taking to my stitching groups, nothing else.

     Now for the new projects. First is a piece that we're going to do during several meetings over the next year in the Potomac Chapter of ANG, Stained Glass Windows, by Laura J. Perin.

     I have to admit, other than my half-completed Summer Kimono (a class I offered in my B&M store and my second attempt at charted needlepoint, the first being Lois by Something Different), I've never actually stitched one of Laura's designs. At least I can't recall one. So this will be interesting, as I'm co-leading the group on this one. Hahahaha. How hard can it be, right?

     Never content to use the designer's colors unless they hit me just right, I've created my own colorway for this, based on Appalachia Watercolours. I'm loving the bright green. I just hope it doesn't overpower the rest of the colors. I'll be starting this sometime in the next month or so, to be ready for the August meeting.

     The second piece is a cyberclass with Michael Boren and Carole Lake of StitchPlay Designs, offered through Shining Needle Society: Stella Polaris. Even though they have offered 10 colorways, I still felt compelled to make up my own.

     Obviously, I'm conflicted about one color. It's the accent color. It should be either a different shade of one of the two main colors, purple or orange in my case, or an accent. I decided to go with an accent and loved the pink. But I had to go and share my colors at the ANG meeting last week, and that's where the problem began. Green or teal were urged. So back I trooped to Needlewoman East the next day to see if there was a teal in Elegance. Hah! Of course there was. And it looks nice too. I just can't decide. I may wait until it gets used in the piece and decide then. What do you think?

     So that's what I'm adding to my long list of WIPs. Stained Glass Windows borders on BAP-ness but isn't quite there. Stella Polaris seems manageable. Hahahahaha. Famous last words.



  1. You do beautiful work! I love all of the color combinations, so I won't be much help there. And um, yes, we always can use a new project!

  2. I like the deep rose pink but I think you are right to wait until some of the other colours are stitched to make the final decision.
    I agree "need and want" should never be in the same sentence.
    We are always spoiled for choice(Scarlet thread) it is hard to keep on track and stitch only one project at a time. I envy other stitcher's that can do this, maybe we can call ourselves the "stitching butterflies" flitting from one spot to another but enjoying the sunshine.(Wow that was deep) Bye for now.

  3. Love your Flyways pice, cant wait to see it finished. And yes, you always need anopthor project! Enjoy!!

  4. I am also taking the Stella Polaris class; I chose the Bermuda Reef colorway, which doesn't actually go with my decor but won't fight it too hard either.
    I like the Flyways design but would need another colorway, as I'm not a gold/orange person.
    I've stitched only one of Laura Perin's designs but have several in my stash and a couple more on my wish list. (The wish list keeps growing, and not with just LJP designs!)

  5. Flyways is looking great! It'll feel real good to have it finished won't it?
    Stella Polaris: I think I like the pink, but it will depend on just where it goes in the design!