I'm still here

The past month has been eventful, and most of the events not what I would call good. Suffice to say, four people I knew died, one of them my father. But I'm ready to move on now.
I've been dragging my feet on setting up the Web store for Scarlet Thread. Steps have finally been taken, though, and I hope to have it up and running by the end of the year. This may be overly optimistic, but when I really apply myself, I can get things done. Like, for instance, I am currently almost through a sleeve of Ritz crackers in record time!
I'm hoping to get some photos up tomorrow of the framed Morning Glory, the state of my Hilton piece, and a canvaswork piece by Tony Minieri that a group of women from my two stitching groups are going to work on for the next year or so a couple of times a week.


  1. Honey, I feel for you. Death isn't easy for anyone, especially the survivors.

  2. *Hugs* Sorry to hear about your losses.

  3. You are in my thoughts a prayers

  4. wow, SL. this all sucks. hope you are feeling better. I am thinking about you.