So much to stitch, so little time

I've been stitching a lot, but the results seem meager. Monday morning I spent some time at the car dealer getting the oil changed in my car and a tire fixed, the perfect opportunity to stitch in public! Nobody cared. I did get a bit more done on my SOTM. Maybe I'll have this month's stitch done before April's is posted. No photo of this till I'm done with the March stitching.
I finally feel like I've made progress on Stars. The top outer square is almost completely restitched, and I'm much happier with the way it looks. You can actually see the bottom-layer thread this time. I finished stitching the center element of Marilyn Monroe and will attempt the parallelograms again, this time with three strands of Splendor. After talking with Donna, I'm considering going ahead with stitching the rest of the border after I finish up Marilyn. The sides have to be stitched from the bottom up, though, which I'm not looking forward to because of all the counting and recounting to get to the point of beginning to stitch. Then again, I could stitch the sashing, then the border, which is what the instructions wanted me to do first anyway. We'll see. I hate having to resort to following the instructions after the fact. That implies that I was wrong, and I just hate being wrong.


  1. No, you just thought of something the instructions author didn't and tried an experiment. I rarely manage to follow the instructions well as I wander all over, trying things. It's just me.

    No shame in trying something that didn't work and reverting to the original plan. You are a better stitcher for it, trust me!

  2. Thanks, Jane. I do view it as a learning experience. I think I'll always view all of my stitching projects as learning experiences. Destined to be a remedial stitcher in perpetuity Hahahaha.