Cruising Along

     I've been remiss. I fully intended to post this at the end of last week. Really I did. Anyway.

     "Florentine Fancywork" has become a real pleasure to stitch now. I'm still not happy with the way the Splendor looks, but I've decided to just ignore it. Maybe it will improve once I put in all the backstitching at the end. Did I just say that? Backstitching? Gah! Backstitching is one of my least favorite things to do. Beading is worse, but backstitching runs a close second. Herewith, my progress as of last Friday.

     I wish you could see how the Krienik sparkles, but it just gets lost when I import the photo into the blog. Drat. It's in the ribbon section of Area 2 and lines the inner edges of the diamond shapes of the Area 5 motif. While I'm still not that fond of the sky color of Area 4's skyline, it's growing on me and I do like the way the buildings turned out using Flair.

     I must effuse about Mandarin floss again. The coverage is just wonderful. It's the golden sky color as well as the soft yellow in the starburst of Area 5. And I love it's subtle sheen. I really need to use Mandarin more often.

     So I'm on to Area 6, the wheels, at the stitching group tonight. This will take up about two-thirds of the space to the right of the skyline and the starburst. I'm aiming to get it finished this week if possible. Wish me luck!



  1. I love Florentine bargello, and when you enlarge yur photo you can detect the holographic Kreinik. I agree this new thread really reflects light beautifully; I think Kreinik struck a homerun with this one. I noticed that ANG will be retiring this piece as a Correspondence Course in October, in case someone wants to take it through them. Will you frame this?

  2. It's actually just a regular Kreinik braid, so I'm glad you can see it when you enlarge it. I have yet to try the holographic ones (makes note to self re next visit to the LNS). I think I will frame this, but I'm not sure. There's a chance it'll get made into a pillow for my purple room.

  3. Oh, that looks really pretty!!

    Must make time to stitch again. Knitting is taking over my life just now...

  4. Thanks, CJ! Yes, you should make time to stitch. I need to make time to do other needlework too, but I just don't know when to fit it in.