Good Progress, at Last

     This week's stitching experience has been much more satisfying. I restitched some of the border of "Florentine Fancywork," and then I decided to give myself a break and get back to work on the far more interesting stuff inside the border. I can finish the rest of the border a little at a time or at the end, since I don't have to worry about coming up in a dirty hole on the side and bottom portions. Plus, if I manage to get everything but that done by the deadline, I can always submit it unfinished for the critique. I'll have done some of the border. At least that's what someone said I could do.

     I finished Area 3, the horizontal band that revealed my error last week. It uses Rainbow Gallery Splendor, Overture, and Neon Rays. Normally I'm not a fan of Neon Rays, but it's shiny, smooth texture really adds a lot to this motif.

     I've moved on now to Area 4, called the New York City Skyline. The buildings are outlined in purple, and the straw colored section I'm filling in is … the sky. Not a color I would choose to represent the sky, but whatever. I don't really have the time to futz around with color variations now. The thread is Rainbow Gallery Mandarin Floss, six-strand bamboo floss, and I really enjoy working with it. It lays very nicely and has a sheen that's a bit shinier than that of cotton floss.

     So the race is on now. Will I make it? Can I possibly get this project done by mid-July? I mean, really, how hard can it be? Somebody just shoot me now.



  1. Oh my word. Your work is trememdous. I just found your blog through Mary Corbet's Needle and Thread and I will definitely be following this lovely piece.