Oh, My

Has it really been that long since I posted here? Is there anyone out there? I understand if the answer is a resounding silence. Not even crickets.

I've decided it's accountability time. I recently decided to become a homeowner again. This time, though, I have a lovely, small condo that's just the right size for one person and the occasional guest. Having been here roughly two months, I think I've got the place fairly well organized, with most everything unpacked. What's left, you ask? Why, all my needlework things, that's what!

Well, that's not totally correct. Some of it's unpacked and stored after a fashion.

These would be my WIPs and projects at least mounted on bars. On top sits Stars for a New Millennium. The crowning glory?

I have in my storage unit across from my condo the three boxes I packed and moved from the rental condo, pretty much unloaded from the truck, placed in the guest room (which was the temporary holding station for all the boxes), then moved to the storage unit the next day by my brother-in-law so we'd have room to finish setting up the furniture (he put the bed back together) and find all the stuff I needed for the kitchen, dining room, and my bedroom. Oi!

Note that those wine boxes are empty. I think they could come in handy sometime. But those three medium boxes sitting there contain all my threads and a few random other things I can't recall. These are supposed to all fit in the smaller closet in my bedroom.

I don't know. Do you think it'll all fit? I may have to visit the Container Store for advice on reconfiguring this space. I also keep my laundry basket in there. Perhaps that may have to go to the big walk-in closet.

So this is my accountability post, after all these years. I'm determined to get to work on organizing all my needlework stuff sometime this week. It'll probably take some time.

But really, how hard can it be?



  1. Good luck. I like organizing in a new space. Get some advice about the space (measure it first) and have fun making it work for you. Congratulations on the condo, by the way!

  2. Moving is always hard. Good progress!

  3. I had to confine all of my needlework to two Ikea wardrobes, books on small bookshelf, 3 drawer dresser, and 6 storage boxes. That was after bags and bags of donations. A trip to the Container Store sounds fun.

  4. Oh my, I've been where you are too many times. My stash is very much smaller because of this 😉