Eliminating Patina

While at my stitching group last night, I gave myself permission to abandon the Patina in the border of Maya. I just couldn't face the struggle any longer. Instead I'm using Pebbly Perle, which is much easier to work with and is a close color match. I also decided not to use the white in the center band of the border, after consulting with the group. I'll use a lavender Pebbly Perle used elsewhere in the piece. This was a good decision. I made progress with the innermost band of the border and hope I can complete the whole thing by the end of the week!
Yesterday and today, I've been compiling the thread order for the Stars group. I never expected it to be so confusing and complex, requiring me to make a spreadsheet in order not to miss a thread. Gah! I really don't use Excel much, usually only if someone sends me data, which I promptly save as a Word text file, something I can work with more easily. While poring over the colorways to organize them by manufacturer and brand, I've discovered a few errors along with a couple of discontinued colors. The book was published in 2000, so it's not surprising that some would be discontinued. The errors, however, can be perplexing without a swatch or online color reference to help figure out what the color number should have been. At the rate I'm going, I may not be able to place all the orders today. I still have to check my inventory for some of the brands to see whether I really need to order everything. Gah! If I ever say, "How hard could it be?", about this particular task again, somebody smack me.


  1. I fixed an error on the colorway Dawn is using. In the Appleton's yellows. Ask her for the correction if someone else is using the same way. She was happy I had wandered into N.East on Tuesday.

  2. Gah! I wonder if that's the same color for which there was simply "v" in the colorway I and two others are using. Never mind. That would be too logical. I think I figured out what it should be, but that was annoying.