Trying to finish a WIP

I've found the cross-stitch piece I was working on not a good choice right now. The way I decided to stitch it is requiring way too much thought about every stitch. Hahahaha. So I decided to work on the Orna Willis canvaswork project I had started as a model for the shop, "Maya." I realized that I don't really have that much left to do on it and have nearly finished it. (I need to use a tripod when I take pics with my new camera. I don't have a steady hand.)
I only need to finish the bottom band and the outer border. I may have to set it aside for a few days, though, because I don't have enough Rainbow Gallery Bravo to complete the bottom row of Rhodes stitches done in RG Patina (I hate Patina!) and Bravo. Just 10 stitches! And I was evidently the only LNS in my area carrying it. Gah! If I can't beg some from a friend's stash (and how likely is it that someone has the color I need?), I may be forced to get my Web store up and running immediately so I can order it from RG. That's a pretty good incentive, doncha know.
The other thing I've discovered while stitching this is, as I mentioned above, I HATE PATINA! Really. Surely there's another thread that's less heinous to work with that gives a similar effect. Does anybody else find it as miserable an experience as I do? Probably not.
The last problem I've encountered requires frogging, which I'm not sure I'm going to do. I have one wrong stitch in the top portion done in Trebizond. Can you find it? I, of course, can't miss it now that I've found it, but I'm not sure the casual observer would see it. Decisions, decisions. Well, I have plenty of time to decide while I wait for the Bravo to appear.
In the meantime, tomorrow afternoon is the first meeting of the "Stars for a New Millennium" stitch-along. That will give me something to take my mind off my stitching woes.


  1. Good luck on Stars. Post progress photos here, won't you? It'll be great incentive for those of us who need to be kick-started to work on it. (That would be ME.)

    Post the Bravo color number you need and I'll see if I have it. I do have some Bravo in my stash of threads.

    I hate Patina, too. Panache is much easier to work with. But if you have to do it, short lengths (9 inches max) help. Not much, mind you, but they do help some.

  2. I do plan on making progress reports on Stars here, although the progress may be painfully slow.

    The color is A29, Violets. Thanks for checking your stash.

    I'll try the shorter lengths with Patina. I only have about a dozen stitches left to do, but it may make them much less painful. Both of my stitching groups were treated to my grousing about it last week, so I'm sure they'll appreciate not having to go through that again. Hahahahaha.

  3. A quick look and your mistake is not readily apparent. Leave it unless it will bug you too much.

  4. Thanks, Donna. I think I'll leave it, since this isn't a piece I'm going to be entering in any shows. I finished the bottom band and started the border, which uses ... Patina. Sigh.