Thanks to Jane, a member of the Tuesday night stitching group and a participant in the Stars stitchalong, I was able to finish the stitching on Maya that uses Bravo. Yay! So I started the outer border of a two-thread gobelin in Pebbly Pearl between one-thread gobelins of, sigh, Patina. The misery begins again, but it isn't nearly as bad doing this stitch. Damning with faint praise? Yeah.
Meanwhile, in other breaking news, we had a somewhat free-flowing, boisterous premier of the Stars group. Everyone did manage to select the variegated thread she wanted, well in some cases, threads to mull over and decide between. The consensus was, for the most part, to go with one of the colorways provided in the book. Canvas was tacked to stretcher bars. And I think that's all that was accomplished. I'm looking into another location for our future meetings because my dining table just can't handle that many people working on such a large project. My neighborhood community house would be a good place, if the usage fee isn't too high for Sundays.
To top off the afternoon, some of us went across the highway to have dinner at a very tasty Thai restaurant, Crystal Thai.


  1. Love Crystal Thai! Too bad I am in Myrtle Beach until spring. Next time you go, enjoy something for me.

  2. Not totally finished yet. I'm still struggling with the outer border. The cold weather means the skin on my fingers cracks, which makes for some uncomfortable stitching at times. Combine that with Patina and you get really hard going sometimes. Grr. But I hope to finish it up this week.